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” Gombrich on Strzygowski“, Journal of Art Historiography, Number 17, December 2017


“Gombrich” in Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception, Volume 10, Editor(s): Dale C. Allison, Jr., Christine Helmer, Volker Leppin, Choon-Leong Seow, Hermann Spieckermann, Barry Dov Walfish, Eric J. Ziolkowski, De Gruyter: Berlin, Boston, 2015

Review: Paul Taylor, ed. Meditations on a Heritage: Papers on the Work and Legacy of Sir Ernst Gombrich,, January


Reviews: “Leonardo: where does myth end and man begin?”, a review of  The Lives of Leonardo, edited by Thomas Frangenberg and Rodney Palmer, The Warburg Institute – Nino Aragno Editore 2013, Cassone, April 2014,

“What was the artist up to?”, a review of  Daniel Arasse, Take a Closer Look, Princeton University Press 2013, Cassone, January 2014,


Seminar: “Ernst Gombrich. A Viennese Art historian in London“, 13 décembre – Transferts germano-britanniques en histoire de l’art – INHA Paris.

Interviews: Richard Woodfield fala do livro “Gombrich Essencial” e da atualidade do pensamento de Gombrich,, Brasil, 24 Fevereiro 2013

Editora Bookman lança simultaneamente três livros de E.H. Gombrich, O Estado de S. Paulo (Brazil), 24 Fevereiro 2013

Review: “The history of art history”, a review of  Richard Shone and John-Paul Stonard, The Books that Shaped Art History, Thames and Hudson 2012, Cassone, June 2013


“Art and the Environment: Old argument, new issues”, ΧΡΟΝΙΚΑ ΑΙΣΘHΤΙΚΗΣ/ Annales d’Esthétique/ Annals for Aesthetics, 2010-2012, Τόμος/Vol B́, 51-60

Reviews:”Photographic delights” a review of Frederick N. Bohrer, Photography and Archaeology, Reaktion Books 2011, Cassone, July 2012

“The entertaining history of our planet” a review of E.H. Gombrich, A little history of the world, 2nd illustrated edition, Yale University Press 2011, Cassone, March 2012

Interview with Antonio Gonçalves Filho,” História da arte ao alcance de todos”, O Estado de S. Paulo (Brazil), 06 de outubro de 2012 link


“Ernst Gombrich: Iconology and the ‘linguistics of the image'”, Journal of Art Historiography, Number 5, December 2011   5-RAW/1

“Ernst Gombrich and Max Dvořák”, ars [Journal of the Institute of Art History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences], 44, 2011, 1,125-138. A special issue on Max Dvořák.

Review: “An unfamiliar anthropology” a review of Hans Belting, An Anthropology of Images, Princeton University Press 2011, Cassone, December 2011

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“Gombrich on the Renaissance: Period or Movement?” in Poreia: A Festschrift for Professor Dionysis A. Zivas, Athens: National Technical University of Athens – School of Architecture, 2007, 617-625
Review: Warburg Institute Colloquia, ‘Iconography without Texts’,  The Art Book, 17 (2), 42–43
Editorial for the first issue of the Journal of Art Historiography.
“The 1721 English Treatise of Painting: a Masonic moment in the Culture of Newtonianism”, in Claire Farago (ed.), Re-reading Leonardo: The Treatise on Painting across Europe from 1550 to 1900, Burlington VT and Aldershot: Ashgate, 475-91
Critique of the exhibition Mind Map, Mind the Gap: Fine artists’ responses to a collection of old Korean maps in Korean Wave in Nottingham, Nottingham: Nottingham Trent University, 15-16
Paper: ‘Ernst Gombrich. Iconology and the “Linguistics of the Image”’, I saperi di Ernst Gombrich. Teoria del visibile e analisi dell’arte, Università Iuav di Venezia: Scuola di Dottorato, Venice 5-6 March
Review: Claire Farago (ed.), ‘Leonardo da Vinci and the Ethics of Style’, The Art Book, 16 (4), 47–48
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“Kunstwissenschaft versus Ästhetik: The Historians’ Revolt against Aesthetics” in Francis Halsall and Julia Jansen, Re-Discovering Aesthetics, Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 19-33
“Gombrich and Panofsky on Iconology”, International Yearbook of Aesthetics, 12, 151-164
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“The Bookshelf”, CAANews, 32 (2) March, 13
“Sanat ve Çevre: Eski Tartışma,Yeni Konular”, Sanat ve Çevre, Sanart: Ankara, 33-40
“Boots D90 Do_u Projesi”, Sanat ve Bilim / Sanat ve Sosyal Adanmışlık, Art and Science / Art and Social Engagement, Sanart: Ankara, 157-161
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Participation in ‘The Art Seminar’ and Assessment in James Elkins (ed), Aesthetics versus Art History, Routledge: New York, London, 53-4, 80-1, 110-4
Review: Thomas Heyd and John Clegg ‘Aesthetics and Rock Art’,
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“Gombrich” and “Podro” in Stuart Brown (ed.) Thoemmes Continuum Dictionary of 20th C British Philosophers, Thoemmes Continuum: Bristol, 332-5, 793-4. Available at:
“Representational Meaning” in Iwony Lorenc (ed.), Odłamki, Pozbitych, Luster: rozprawy z filozofii kultury sztuki I etsetyki ofiarowane Pani Profesor Alicji Kuczyńskiej, Uniwersytet Warszawski: Wydzial Filozofii I Socjologii, 275-286
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“The UK Fine Art PhD and Research in Art & Design”, L&B (Lier en Boog) Series of Philosophy of Art and Art Theory, 18, 103-8
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‘Are the arts elitist?’, Cultural conversation with Dominic Lopes, John Armstrong and Jennifer McMahon at The University of Adelaide Art and Heritage Collections
Reviews: Philip Sohm “Style in the Art Theory of Early Modern Italy”, British Journal of Aesthetics (BJA) 44(4), 441-444
Philippe-Alain Michaud ‘Aby Warburg and the Image in Motion’,
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“Ernst Gombrich and the Idea of Human Nature”, Human Affairs: A Postdisciplinary Journal for Humanities and Social Sciences published by the Slovak Academy of Sciences 13 (2), 163-70
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‘Art in a Corporate Context: Contemporary Art at Boots the Chemist’, Art and Social Engagement: International Symposium, Workshops and Art Events May 1-3, 2002 Middle East Technical University, Ankara – Turkey
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Books: Art History as Cultural History: Warburg’s Projects. Commentary by Richard Woodfield, G+B Arts International Inc: Amsterdam in its series Critical Voices.
Framing Formalism: Riegl’s Work. Commentary by Richard Woodfield, G+B Arts International Inc: Amsterdam in its series Critical Voices. Now available (2013) as an ebook.
Guest edited Point 12: Framing the Future (Research Journal for CHEAD) and the Yearbook of the International Association of Aesthetics.
Papers: “Aesthetics at the End of the Century: Dessoir’s Project”, 15th International Congress on Aesthetics, Makuhari, Japan published in The Great Book of Aesthetics: The 15th International Congress of Aesthetics, Japan 2001, The University of Tokyo
“Ernst Gombrich’s contributions to Kritische Berichte“, Colloquium on Art History and the German Philosophical Tradition, Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute, Williamstown
“Aesthetics at the End of the Century: Dessoir’s Project”, SANART Symposium Retrospective: Aesthetics and Art in the 20th Century, Ankara
Reviews: Francis Ames-Lewis “The Intellectual Life of the Early Renaissance Artist”, BJA 42(1), 86-8
Michael Kelly (ed.) “Encyclopedia of Aesthetics”, Art Bulletin 83(3), 559-63
Ellen Dissanayake “Art and Intimacy: How the Arts Began”, BJA 41(3), 343-5
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“Gombrich on Style and Culture”, The Misulsa Hakbo (Korean Art History Review) Special Issue: Art History of Eastern Asia: Issues and Perspectives, 14 (September), 23- 44 & 45- 57 (in Korean)
“Style and Nationality”, Art, Life, Culture: 2000 International Association for Aesthetics Executive Committee Meeting and Colloquium, Korean Society for Aesthetics & Institute for Arts and Culture, College of Humanities, Seoul National University, 31- 46
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Book: Ernst Gombrich, Dal mio tempo: Città, maestri, incontri, a cura di Richard Woodfield, Einaudi: Torino 1999.
“Photography and the Imagination”, Proceedings of the XIVth International Congress on Aesthetics, Ljubljana, Filozofski Vestnik XX (2), 271-8
Paper:”Gombrich’s Kunstwissenschaft: The use of art for the study of the mind”, guest speaker at the annual conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetik, Hanover
Inaugural Lecture: “The Daedalus Project: Art, Science and Technology in the Western European Tradition”, Nottingham Trent University, February
Reviews: James Elkins “On Pictures and Words that Fail Them”, American Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 57(4), 471-3
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John Willats “Art and Representation: New Principles in the Analysis of Pictures”, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 57(1), 99-100
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Paper: “Photography and Imagination”, XIVth International Congress on Aesthetics, Ljubljana
“Art and Evidence”, ESF Network Conference on Theatre Iconography: Identification and interpretation of images, Mainz
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“Gombrich e la Semiotica”, in La polifonia estetica: Specificità e raccordi, a cura di Massimo Venturi Ferriolo, Guerini Studio: Milan, 15-25
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“Art and the Environment”, SANART Conference and Exhibition, Ankara, October
“Valuing Primitive Art: Danto and Gombrich”, Nordic Society of Aesthetics, Oslo, May
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Book: The Essential Gombrich, Phaidon Press: London (Portuguese translation Gombrich essencial: textos selecionados arte e cultura, Bookman Editora Ltda: São Paulo 2012; Polish translation Ernst H. Gombrich – Pisma o sztuce i kulturze, Universitas: Kraków 2011; Italian translation Gombrich: Un’Anthologia di Scritti Essenziali sull’Arte e la Cultura, Phaidon Press: London 2003; German translation Das Gombrich Lesebuch, Phaidon Press: Berlin 2003; French translation Gombrich L’Essentiel, Phaidon Press: Paris 2003; Italian translation Sentieri verso l’arte: I testi chiave di Ernst H. Gombrich, Leonardo Arte: Milano 1997; Spanish translation, Gombrich Esencial: Textos Escogidos Sobre Arte y Cultura, Debate: Madrid 1997)
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Articles: Gombrich on Perception and Mental Set”, Nordisk Estetisk Tidskrift, 16, 65-75
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“Gombrich’s Story of Art”, BJA, Summer 1996, 313-6
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“Contemporary Photographic Education in an International Perspective”, Vevey, Switzerland
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“Tradition and Bildung“, Joint meeting of the Hellenic and British Societies of Aesthetics, in Athens
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Papers: “On Form and Expression in the Photograph”, Annual Conference of the Scandinavian Society of Aesthetics.
“On theoretical approaches to Photography” and “Gombrich on Style and Culture”, Research Seminar of the Department of Aesthetics at the Jagiellonian University, Cracow
“On Semiotics and the Photograph” to the Research Seminar of the Swire School of Design, Hong Kong
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Paper: “Gombrich, formalism and the description of works of art”, International Colloquium on Formalism held by the Slovenian Society for Aesthetics, Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Guest edited a special issue of the American Studies journal Over Here: An American Studies Journal on post war American art and criticism 11(2)
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Edited the Papers of the XIth International Congress on Aesthetics, published Nottingham Trent Polytechnic Press
“The Institutional Theory of Art”, in Russian, in the Moscow art journal Iskusstvo, 46-49
Paper: Presentation on the creation of a network of European scholars in aesthetics at a conference in Siena published as “The European Aesthetics Network” in Le Grandi Correnti dell’Estetica Novecentesca ed. Gracia Marchiano, Guerini Studio: Milan 1991, pp. 261-263
Review: John Hyman, “The Imitation of Nature”, BJA 30(3), 280-2
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“L’effet du réel: an alternative account” in a special issue of the Polish philosophy journal Dialectics and Humanism edited by Harold Osborne
Paper: “Rewriting Symbolism: Towards a Critique of Semiotics”, Birmingham Polytechnic Postgraduate Seminar
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“Peetz and Wollheim on Gombrich’s illusions”, BJA 28(3), 278-80
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Book: Reflections on the History of Art by E H Gombrich, Phaidon: Oxford (French translation Réflexions sur l’histoire de l’art, Éditions Jacqueline Chambon: Nîmes 1991; Italian translation Riflessioni sulla storia dell’arte, Einaudi: Torino 1991; German translation Kunst und Kritik, Klett-Cotta: Stuttgart 1993)
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“Words and Pictures”, BJA 26(4), 357-70
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Guest edited Harold Osborne’s festschrift, a special issue of the BJA 25(2)
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Paper: “Words and Pictures”, British Society of Aesthetics Conference
Review: Norman Peterson, “Photographic Art: Media and Disclosure”, BJA 25(3), 292-3
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Paper: “On H R Jauss’s Art History and Pragmatic History” Nottingham University Staff Critical Theory Seminar
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Paper: “Walter Benjamin on the Mechanical Reproduction of Works of Art”, Nottingham University Staff Critical Theory Seminar
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Paper: “Towards a new Photographic History”, Birmingham Polytechnic Postgraduate Seminar
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Reviews: Ernst Buschor, “On the Meaning of Greek Statues”, BJA 21(2), 175-6
Rose-Carol Washton Long, “Kandinsky”, BJA 21(4), 380-81
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“Thomas Hobbes and the Formation of Aesthetics in England”, BJA 20(2), 146-52
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“On the Emergence of Aesthetics”, BJA 18(3), 217-227
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Review: Rudolph Makkreel, “Dilthey Philosopher of the Human Sciences”, BJA 17(3), 282-3
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Review: Göran Hermeren, “Influence in Art and Literature”, BJA 16(4), 376-7
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Books: (ed.) Winckelmann’s Reflections on the Painting and Sculpture of the Greeks , with introduction, Scolar Press: Menston
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Books: (ed.) Hogarth’s Analysis of Beauty, with introduction, Scolar Press Menston
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Paper: “Mannerist Art Theory”, British Society of Aesthetics Annual Conference, London , abstract BJA 12(2), 118-9
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Book: (ed.) Dolce’s Aretin: A Dialogue on Painting, with introduction, Scolar Press: Menston
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Paper: “The Idea of a Social Contract”, Nottingham University Staff Philosophy Seminar
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Paper: “Desiring a thing and calling it ‘good'”, Nottingham University Staff Philosophy Seminar
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